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About the W2W Community

W2W Mission: To unite, lift and empower women in technology by providing educational opportunities and peer-to-peer collaboration in a supportive environment.

W2W was created to provide a support network and resources for women as they enter and continue to advance in the retail technology industry. Any and all retail technology female professionals can join W2W as it is not exclusive to RSPA members. By joining you will receive information about this group, upcoming events and networking opportunities. The committee advises on content development and presenter selection for the W2W event at RetailNOW and also provides content for the the RSPA Community IQ Resource Center and the RSPA’s Trusted Advisor podcast.

The W2W Leader of the Year award This award was created to recognize a woman in the Retail Technology Industry who is determined to reshape the industry and create a smarter and more inclusive future. This honor recognizes a woman who has demonstrated key characteristics of a pioneer paving the way in the Retail Technology Industry. These include:

  • Professionalism – commits to the continual improvement of knowledge and skills, while providing motivation to others in the industry
  • Leadership – is a positive role model and actively seeks to bring greater diversity to the technology industry
  • Mentorship – enables professional growth of those they manage or mentor through their actions and encouragement
  • Communication – displays strength in both interpersonal and organizational communication

Awards are presented during RetailNOW.


Recent W2W Events
RSPA events such as RetailNOW and Inspire provide the perfect gathering opportunity for women integral to the retail technology and point of sale ecosystem. Take a look at the W2W Community’s involvement in this W2W Community video.