RSPA members may participate in all member benefit programs, may attend all association events at member rates, and will receive all association communications and publications. It’s the best ROI in the retail, restaurant, grocery, and cannabis IT channel!

To join, please complete the RSPA Membership Application and email it to or call Member Services at 804-678-8978.

Annual Dues

Channel-Supported Vendor Dues
Direct Independent Software Developer Dues

Resellers of hardware, software, payment processing, digital signage, or any other technology or service

Level # of Employees Annual Dues
A 10 & under $250
B 11 to 25 $500
C 26 to 99 $1,000
D 100+ $2,500

Channel-Supported Vendors: Manufacturers of hardware, developers of software, payment processors, and distributors with an active reseller channel; consultants, media, and publishers. Also includes: 1) Any software developer with a reseller channel. 2) Any company with an active reseller channel or currently building a reseller channel

Level Annual North American Revenue Annual Dues
A $0 to $2M $1,750
B $2 to $8M $2,750
C $8 to $25M $3,250
D $25M & up $4,750

Core business is developing and directly selling their own software. No active reseller channel and not currently building a reseller channel. Independently owned and operated

Level Annual North American Revenue Annual Dues
A $0 - $500k $300
B $500k - $1M $500
C $1 - $2M $1,750
D $2 - $8M $2,750
E $8 - $25M $3,250
F $25M & up $4,750