RSPA Academy

The RSPA Academy will be building its own teaching faculty. Our faculty will include only experienced thought leaders within our community. Each will contribute to establishing a high standard of consistency and unique intellectual capacity that will help establish a strong RSPA Academy foundation. We will elevate an iconic brand as we increase the “quality touches” to all members. Our faculty will provide guidance for the RSPA on course content and delivery channels. A faculty position is an opportunity for members to position themselves as thought leaders within the community, drive name and brand recognition for themselves and their company as well as leverage the unique networking opportunities that arise from delivering education in smaller settings.

Help the RSPA shape the direction of education and build future leaders in the retail technology industry. Our goal is not to be a source for education. Our goal is to be the source, as our members serve merchants throughout the Retail SMB space.

Interested in becoming a faculty member? Fill out an application here.

Platinum Partners


Thank You RSPA Partners for your continued support of RSPA education, events and initiatives. The RSPA Partnership program offers the opportunity to sponsor single and/or multiple events throughout the calendar year. Click here to learn more about how your company can become a partner.