Welcome to the RSPA Academy eLearning site. Our members cite education, industry-specific education, as one of the biggest reasons for joining the RSPA. In today’s market while specific skills and knowledge are important, it is even more important to be able to adapt to new and evolving marketplace challenges. RSPA Academy’s e-learning platform enhances the association’s ability to deliver education to members and help drive their success through knowledge and learning. By leveraging eLearning and online content, the RSPA will continue delivering the valuable educational programs and resources that members have come to expect. For details, see the FAQs, or contact Education@GoRSPA.org

Subscription Plans
  • Basic Access
  • Included with membership
  • Unique log-in credentials for each team member
  • Access to all live webinars
  • Over 100 training courses
  • New content each month
  • $0/month
  • Select Access
  • Includes Basic Access
  • On-demand webinars
  • Event recordings
  • Over 300 training courses
  • $79/month
  • All Access
  • Includes Select Access
  • All content available for viewing
  • Over 500 courses
  • $129/month

General FAQs

What is RSPA Academy’s EXCELerate?

It is the association’s learning management system (LMS). A Learning Management System is a platform to facilitate the delivery of online learning.


What are the benefits of EXCELerate for RSPA members?

Benefits of EXCELerate are:

  1. Personalization – there will be content relevant to the different types of roles within our member businesses. RSPA Academy eLearning supports a variety of topics, courses, and learning paths which allows members to choose what’s most relevant.
  2. Reduced cost – Members and their teams have access to world-class education at a fraction of the cost they might incur paying for classrooms, instructors and content, associated costs of travel and lost time at work – and it is all at their fingertips.
  3. Anytime/anywhere/from any device – The retail technology industry is most certainly not a 9-to-5, office desk industry. The ability to access education anytime, anywhere from any device makes it convenient for members regardless of schedule.
  4. More networking opportunities – the RSPA Academy eLearning leverages social and collaborative learning, offering a new and year-round avenue for members to interact and connect with one another.


What types of courses are offered?

EXCELerate provides a new way for members to access training in critical areas like sales, cybersecurity, customer service and recruiting and hiring. In addition, members will find Original EXCELerate education and content designed by RSPA members for RSPA members


Is it free?

All members will have basic access included with their annual membership. Upgraded access is available through EXCELerate subscriptions.


What is an EXCELerate subscription?

Subscriptions are the best way for your whole team to access impactful education. By purchasing a subscription, all members of your team will receive access to the content included in that subscription level. One subscription is purchased per member organization. Once the subscription is activated, employees within the organization will receive their own unique login and password when they register. Additional questions regarding access and content should be sent to education@gorspa.org.


What is the cost of an EXCELerate subscription?

There are 3 tiers of eLearning passes:

  • Basic Access ($0.00) – introductory courses for specific topics
  • Select Access ($79.00/month) – includes all Basic Access courses plus step-up courses such as training for managers or toolkits for managers.
  • All-Access ($129.00/month) – access to all content within the learning management system.

Subscriptions are billed monthly and automatically renew unless cancellation is received in writing prior to next billing cycle.

How do I purchase an EXCELerate subscription?

To purchase a pass, contact your member services representative or email membership@gorspa.org.


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