Please provide a description of your company in 50 words or less.
Enroll & Pay is a card linked loyalty application integrated with the POS terminal at brick and mortar merchants.

A customer easily enrolls (linking their card & opting in) and pays with a single credit card swipe during their initial credit card payment with a merchant. All future card payments are seamlessly tracked and rewarded.

Simplicity of use for both the customer and the business differentiates Enroll & Pay from other loyalty platforms.

In addition, Enroll & Pay’s CRM tools can automatically send relevant offers to customers based on their SKU data to increase performance and referrals. Greater conversion combined with data driven messaging yields increased RFM.

Why did you join RSPA?
We have a passion for helping merchants leverage technology and would like to engage with like – minded fellow members.

What are the core values of your company?
Simplicity and Results. Our core value is ease of use for both merchants and consumers which produces great adoption and customer engagement.

What verticals do you serve?
Any consumer facing brick and mortar environment.

What products/services do you provide?
We are a card linked loyalty platform. Typically we white label our technology to acquirers/ISO’s.

Name one fun fact that makes your company different than others.
80% of our team spans 4 different time zones. Also, since our headquarters are in Solana Beach, whenever we have visitors we take them out to enjoy the views.

What is the most encouraging thing you see for the future of the retail IT industry?
Payment terminals are getting smarter which allows for greater consumer experiences.

Connect With Us

The best point of contact is Dana Dahms, Director – Global Sales
Phone: 902-456-7523

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