Please provide a description of your company in 50 words or less.
COACT is a full-service strategic growth agency. Our team of business development and marketing professionals design, install, and manage highly integrated solutions for our clients across the country. We specialize in “demand-side” processes, building brand awareness, while developing and managing relationships with buying systems that over time produce meaningful and sustainable growth for our clients.

Why did you join RSPA?
We joined RSPA to deepen our relationship with manufacturers, ISVs, VARs, and other leading industry voices through the RSPA community. We are also eager to share our ideas as well.

What are the core values of your company?

  • We honor and inspire people – we lift the human spirit.
  • We fearlessly pursue a better way – we continuously improve the current condition.
  • We take personal and professional responsibility – we seek to control our own destiny by taking action.
  • We seek opportunities to serve – we are committed to supporting our communities.
  • We are aggressive learners – we pursue and accept feedback openly and work to further develop our knowledge and skills.
  • We complete our work with high integrity – we are truthful and forthright in all our dealings and understand that every interaction is a moment of truth.
  • We believe in the strength of teams – we collaborate and communicate in a system that supports our high-performing teams.
  • We are committed to producing meaningful results – we complete our work in a performance system that features planned action and measurement.
  • We plan for the future and live for the day – we live balanced lives; we work hard toward our goals and take time to celebrate personal and professional accomplishments.

What verticals do you serve?
We work directly with manufacturers of point-of-sale hardware and software/technology partners.

What products/services do you provide?
COACT supplies the people, the process, and the tools that create meaningful growth for your organization. Imagine having an instant sales and marketing team with talent dedicated to strategy, research, graphic design, outbound sales, web development, video, content, social and more.

Name one fun fact that makes your company different from others.
We provide an integrated, process approach to strategic growth. We are not a one size fits all: we offer a unique growth plan for each client and a dedicated team to implement. We are transparent and results oriented. Also, we throw a pretty amazing Christmas Party.

What is the most encouraging thing you see for the future of the retail IT industry?
With the rise of technology and “online everything”, the brands that will stand out will go against the grain. Human interaction will be a dramatic difference. This is encouraging.

Connect With Us

The best point of contact is Jennifer Nietz
Phone: (419) 517-4034

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