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Dear Members,

During these unprecedented times, we need to first keep our families and teams safe. We gain a deeper understanding of this reality with each passing hour. Nothing we do is more important. Be safe.

One area that has been on my mind in recent weeks is raising the bar on communication with leaders that we can help and that can help us, as we protect our teams and businesses. RSPA members bring a one-of-a-kind and complete perspective to retail.

This week we will be announcing a webinar on the CARES Act as we work to provide guidance. This invitation will be sent out today. Our goal will be to provide enough information and guidance that will give you direction on actions to take today.
Please be on the lookout for this notification. We will record the session for those that can’t participate live.

In the interim, please see the letter to The President. Our goal of the communication is threefold:

  1. Reinforce the vital service you provide to retailers
  2. Offer our help and support to the Administration as more programs will be constructed (I want to be sure leaders know who you are)
  3. Express what we need, now that the CARES Act has been signed into law

It’s time for the RSPA to exert some measure of influence and assistance as we do our part. We will be breaking new ground in the process. If not us, then who? Your collective perspective is valuable. We are not lobbyists. We can and will communicate and add value. There is no Association like the one that the RSPA community has built. We look forward to our CARES Act webinar.


RSPA President & CEO John Kirk and Team

Consistent with our standard timeline, RetailNOW® registration is scheduled to open in mid-April. We will continue to plan our event in Las Vegas from August 2nd through August 5th, 2020.

RSPA decisions relating to COVID-19 will be guided by three priorities. The first is the health and safety of our team and our members. The second consideration is the long-term health of our Association. Finally, the in-the-moment assessment of options as the situation unfolds.

The Coronavirus has brought tragedy to people around the globe. We will continue to keep all those affected in our thoughts and prayers. We understand that many have been impacted directly and in the worst way. This is a time for our community to protect one another with every precaution. It is also a time for us to rally as one with optimism as our guide.

Below are two fact-based notable resources for in-the-moment information:
World Health Organization (WHO)
Johns Hopkins CSSE

As your Association, the RSPA is in the strongest possible position relating to the risk introduced by the Coronavirus.

In October of 2019, we insured our 2020 RetailNOW event to cover the possibility of communicable disease. We elected the most extensive coverage option available.

If COVID-19 impacts our schedule and results in a valid RSPA insurance claim, we will have options as we balance care for our community and the long-term financial health of our Association. We will continue to gather facts and perspective. We will over-communicate along the way.

In the interim, feel free send a message ( if any questions arise or additional information is needed.

Stay tuned. Informed optimism and care for one-another will be our guide. We have followed the same blueprint in our community since 1948. We aren’t changing now.

We will stay together.


RSPA President & CEO John Kirk and Team