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Patch Management
Air Date: 6/6/18
Jason Gillam, Secure Ideas
Secure Remote Access
Air Date: 5/16/18
Nathan Sweaney, RSPA Security Advisor; Secure Ideas
Andrew Kurtx, Vigilix
Password Management
Air Date: 4/25/18
Nathan Sweaney,RSPA Security Advisor
Secure Ideas
QIR Changes
Air Date: 4/10/18
Nathan Sweaney, RSPA Security Advisor
Secure Ideas
RSPA, the Terminal Servicer Designation, and You
Air Date: 1/18/18
John Kirk,RSPA
Rich Audet, Mastercard
Carrie Brubaker, Vantiv
Bob Goldberg, RSPA Chief Counsel
Data Compromise: How Third Party Vendors, Remote Access and Phishing Are Altering the Landscape
Air Date: 10/25/17
Seabhac “Falcon” McGinty, North American Bancard
The Value of Value Adds
Air Date: 10/11/17
Alan Outlaw, TruRating and Justin Zeigler, Datacap
365 Days, 3 Continents, 12 Countries, 1 Laptop – One Woman’s Journey Working Around the World
Air Date: 5/17/17
Kendall Reed, Marketing Specialist
Surefire Growth Strategies For POS Resellers
Air Date: 2/23/17
Jim Roddy, Vantiv
I Have an Idea: Getting Real Marketing ROI
Air Date: 2/15/17
Mark Fraker and Dean Reverman, BlueStar
POS API Education – Online Ordering
Air Date: 1/13/17
Jordan Thaeler, WhatsBusy
Secrets to a Candid Work Culture
Air Date: 12/7/16
Jim Roddy, Vantiv
POS API Education – Metadata
Air Date: 11/18/16
Jordan Thaeler, WhatsBusy; Kevin Hanna, Vendasta; Elaine Screnci, Acxiom
The Differences in MPOS between SMB and Enterprise
Air Date: 11/2/16
Jon Levin
Star Micronics
New Overtime Eligibility Rules- What You Need to Know
Air Date: 11/16/16
Bob Goldberg
RSPA Attorney
Updates from the September 2016 USPF Meeting
Air Date: 10/26/16
RSPA EMV Committee
Complexities and Trends of Mobile Payments
Air Date: 10/20/16
Complete Payment Security For Retailers
Air Date: 10/19/16
Matt Donnelly
POS API Education Series: Introduction
Air Date: 10/14/16
Jordan Thaeler
POS-as-a-Service: Securing Your Future with Recurring Revenue
Air Date: 10/13/16
Rohan Mani
Why Embrace Network Security as a First Line of Defense Strategy? 
Air Date: 09/29/16
Mark Cline
Mobility and EMV in the US? 
Air Date: 05/19/16
What’s New and Upcoming in SMB Cash Management Solutions? 
Air Date: 05/18/16
The Nuts and Bolts of PCI QIR Certification: For RSPA Members 
Air Date: 03/02/16
Ashley Naggy, RSPA’s Certification
Program leader
The State of U.S. EMV Adoption: Perspectives from the RSPA’s EMV Committee 
Air Date: 02/25/16
RSPA EMV Committee
Protect Your Assets: Simple Ways to Enhance POS Security 
Air Date: 02/24/16
Ivelisse Gomez & Anne Gray
What Do You Bring To the Table? A Change in Payment
for Food Service

Air Date: 02/10/16
Pete diCoio
Star Micronics
POS Unleashed: Why mPOS is Taking Over
Air Date: 02/10/16
Jeremiah Shea Ingram Micro. Panel featuring: Vantiv Integrated Payments; Trend Micro, and Ingenico
How Can Digital Marketing Get Me Leads?
Air Date: 01/27/16
Chris Allen
Introduction to Contactless Payments
Air Date: 01/14/16
Christopher Engelhardt & Gabriela Loayza
The Plan Matters: Marketing to Small Businesses
Air Date: 12/16/15
Chris Allen
EMV – Implementation Best Practices
Air Date: 11/18/15
Christopher Engelhardt & Gabriela Loayza
Mobile Payments and the Future of POS
Air Date: 10/21/15
John Gibson
Samsung Pay
Who’s Minding the Store? How to Protect a Retailer’s Data
Air Date: 10/14/15
Brandon Gruttadauria
Ingram Micro
EMV – It’s Here. Are You Ready?
Air Date: 10/8/15
Christopher Engelhardt & Gabriela Loayza
Retail Technology Trends
Air Date: 9/10/15
Greg Buzek
IHL Group
The Value of Receipts
Air Date: 9/9/15
John Levin
Networking 101
Air Date: 6/30/15
Greg Dixon
EMV: The Integrated Payment Provider Perspective
Air Date: 6/12/15
Justin Zeigler
Datacap Systems
P2PE – Short, Sweet & 2 the Point
Air Date: 5/28/15
Brad Cyprus
How to Talk to Merchants About EMV
Air Date: 4/17/15
Derik Richards
Heartland Payment Systems
EMV: Everything You Need to Know Before the Liability Shift Deadline
Air Date: 3/19/15
Marc Castrechini
Get a Grip on Your Business: Weekly Scorecards
Air Date: 3/13/15
Tom Bouwer
ProfitWorks LLC
The Digital Store Platform: Meeting Customer Expectations Today and Tomorrow
Air Date: 2/22/17
Paula Da Silva, CitiXsys
EMV 101: Starting the Conversation
Air Date: 2/13/15
Beatta McInerney