You Are Not Alone: The Modern Woman’s Balance Act

By: Crystal Barrineau, Director of Marketing at OrderCounter Hybrid POS

I recently had the privilege of participating in my first RSPA Women to Women (W2W) Committee meeting. Rather than my usual chatter, I approached the call with the intent to listen, absorbing the perspectives of these accomplished women in the retail IT industry.

As we delved into potential topics for a future community discussion, Peggy Maloney of Toshiba suggested a topic that echoed in my mind: How do we balance it all? The age-old question, aimed at modern women everywhere (at least here in the US):

So, how do we?
As working women in the retail industry.

As a mom.

As a good friend.

At nurturing relationships.

As a good partner.

Shared Struggles: Beyond Industry Confines
Juggling the responsibilities of a working woman in the retail sector, fostering relationships, or aiming to excel as a friend and partner, this sentiment extends beyond our industry’s boundaries. It resonates with women from diverse backgrounds – from sports moms and homeschooling advocates to stay-at-home parents and scientists.

What became abundantly clear is that this isn’t just a challenge faced by women in retail; it’s a universal theme that ties us all together. I hate using platitudes, but it really does feel like such a common topic. The pressure to succeed in every aspect of life, to be the best at work, home, and personal relationships, is a shared experience.

So, here’s a reminder: You are not alone.
The realization that countless women have felt the weight of these expectations underscores the importance of supporting one another.

As we celebrate the progress we’ve made, let’s open up a conversation.
Encourage open dialogue about how women balance work, home, and personal life. Share effective strategies for managing these demands. Offer insights, uplift each other, and continue supporting one another on this journey.