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About Registration Types – Registration types and member status are verified against RSPA’s membership database upon registration. If you have any questions about your registration type or membership status, or to become a member, please contact

Badge Requirements & Restrictions – RSPA is not responsible for and reserves the right to remove any person engaged in disorderly conduct, use of illegal substances, in violation of event policies or in possession of a counterfeit badge. RSPA reserves the right to validate the authenticity of badges on-site.

Attendees MUST wear badges at all times to gain access to event functions. ALL badges will be available for pickup on-site; no badges will be mailed prior to the event.

Substitutions/Cancellations – This event is free of charge and there is no penalty for cancellations at any time. To cancel your event registration, revisit your registration confirmation email and click the link provided. To avoid or minimize additional fees, be sure to cancel existing hotel reservations or any other event-related commitments for which you are financially responsible directly with those entities. RSPA is not responsible for cancelling any reservations on your behalf.

Substitutions may only be permitted between attendees of the same company. To substitute your event registration, please submit your requests to Please include the original attendee’s full name and confirmation # and the substitute’s full contact information: Name, Job Title, Company, Mailing Address, Phone, E-mail. The deadline for advance substitutions is Monday, February 19, 2018. After that date, all substitutions must be made on-site and must be accompanied by written permission from the original attendee.

In the unlikely circumstance of an event/function cancellation, RSPA will refund 100% of registration fees paid. RSPA assumes no liability for any penalty fees on airline tickets, deposits for hotel accommodations, or any other fees, charges, penalties or other incidental costs that a registrant might incur as a consequence of an event/function cancellation.

No Solicitation Policy – Please note that any attendee who is observed to be soliciting business in a manner not previously permitted by RSPA will be asked to cease immediately. Please report any violation you may observe to RSPA. RSPA recognizes that suitcasing may also take the form of commercial activity conducted from a hotel guest room or hospitality suite; a restaurant, club, or any other public place or assembly. RSPA must be informed of any hospitality suites, and expressed consent must be received prior to the event.

Attendee List – RSPA respects the privacy of our members’ and event attendees and it is against RSPA’s policy to share any confidential or direct contact information with outside 3rd parties. Event attendee lists shared, if any, will be with RSPA member Sponsors and include name and company only. Please be advised that, while other companies may contact you offering attendee lists for RSPA signature events, they are in no way endorsed by or affiliated with RSPA or our events. In general, any communications, (electronic, verbal and/or print) regarding RSPA events will come to you directly from RSPA. If you receive any questionable communications, don’t hesitate to contact us at to verify their legitimacy.

Travel – All attendees are responsible for making their own airfare and ground travel reservations.

Photography Release – By registering for this event, you give the event organizer (Retail Solutions Providers Association, RSPA) permission to take photos of your participation in the event and to use those photos in future event publicity and promotions. RSPA also reserves the right to publish any subject matter captured in its event photography while documenting the event, unless otherwise restricted in writing. Subjects may include, but not limited to: accompanying family and guests; use or display of technology; educational/keynote speakers and presentations; general event activity.

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