RSPA Retail IT Community Roundtable: What ISVs Want from Vendors

The RSPA hosted an online Retail IT Community Roundtable Oct. 29 focused on “What ISVs Want from Vendors.” The dozens of channel executives who attended shared these insights on actions vendors can take to benefit their software developer partners:

  • Offer benchmarking so ISVs can compare their performance with their peers
  • Improve the ease of doing business, decrease complexity
  • Help train the staff, contribute to customer care
  • Help ISVs innovate faster, help them go to market faster with complex solutions
  • Act with integrity
  • Avoid a transactional relationship, treat your ISVs like a partner
  • When making decisions in your board room, think from the ISV’s perspective; make decisions that will benefit both of you
  • Don’t go direct to our customers
  • Bring new technologies to your ISVs first; they will turn it into a solution
  • Don’t let go until a customer problem is resolved; have a consistent point person who builds a relationship with each ISV and is responsible for their success

Roundtable featured guests included:

  • LINGA Founder & CEO Onur Haytac
  • ScanSource Dir. of ISV Engagement Shobhit Kumar
  • Shift4 EVP of Business Development Jonathan Brandon

You can listen to the entire roundtable and view the slides via the RSPA YouTube channel:

Special thanks to the RSPA’s 2020 Platinum Sponsors for supporting the roundtable discussion: BlueStar, Heartland, ScanSource, and Shift4.