New! RSPA Software Developer Provider Ecosystem Chart

The RSPA Niche & Startup ISV Community helps software developer executives meet and network with fellow RSPA ISV members in a vendor-neutral setting.

By: RSPA Niche & Startup ISV Community

The number of software players – and their influence in the retail IT channel – continues to expand. The RSPA Community has become increasingly attractive to software companies who now represent nearly a quarter of our overall membership. A record 320+ ISVs and DISDs (Direct Independent Software Developers) attended RetailNOW last year, and nearly 50% of the expo hall’s 168 exhibitors were software companies.

To help our members keep track of this growing segment, we have launched the first edition of the RSPA Software Developer Provider Ecosystem chart. This graphic compiles all RSPA software member companies and groups them by vertical market or application.

This is designed to be a prime resource for VARs, software developers, vendors, and distributors to discover new software partners. You can find a downloadable and shareable version of the chart on the RSPA Niche & Startup Community web page:

If you have questions about the ecosystem or would like an introduction to an RSPA software member, please contact