Channel Trend: More ISVs Embraced RSPA Community in 2021

The RSPA Niche & Startup ISV Community helps software developer executives meet and network with fellow RSPA ISV members, helps ISV executives learn from each other’s experiences and insights, and fosters business development opportunities for RSPA ISV members, all in a vendor-neutral setting. Founded in 2019, the group has grown to nearly 80 executive members.

As we reported earlier this year in the 2021 RSPA POS Channel KPI Study, the number of ISV organizations – and their influence in the retail IT industry – continues to expand. New software developers emerge seemingly each week, and resellers are adding custom software capabilities to morph into ISV/VAR Hybrid orgs.

The RSPA Community has become increasingly attractive to ISVs who now represent 20% of the overall association membership (VARs are 62% and vendors/distributors are 18%, in case you were wondering). Also, more than 230 ISV executives attended RetailNOW 2021 in Nashville – an all-time record high.

While some smaller, niche-focused, startup developers serve merchants directly, more established ISVs continue to lean into the channel. We asked some of our ISV members how embracing the RSPA Community has impacted their business:

“The #1 benefit of joining RSPA has been the networking opportunities. The RSPA team has introduced Pointy to some of the biggest players in retail tech, helping our company to significantly grow our channel in a very short timeframe.”
Matt Dockrell, Head of Partnerships at Pointy by Google
Dublin, Ireland

“The RSPA has provided the networking and long-term relationships that allowed us to show the world our transformative solutions. The fine humans we’ve connected with are more than business connections – we’ve found long-term partners, in the truest sense of the word – and we’ve expanded our channel through engagement in communities and events like RetailNOW.”
Audrey Hogan, COO at TimeForge
Lubbock, TX

Our reseller-owned and managed business model was created by a group of like-minded RSPA members participating in RSPA events and finding common interests that fueled the start of the business. We continue to build on that foundation through continued networking within the RSPA community and leveraging the ISV-focused resources the RSPA offers. The RSPA has been a critical component to our success.”
Hunter Allen, COO at EdgeServ POS
Sarasota, FL

“RSPA has continued to expand RPOWER’s reach with new and existing resellers as well as providing a community landscape for many of our software integration and vendor partners. Our involvement with the RSPA Education Committee and ISV networking events has brought sound voices and opinions affecting many of our internal business practices. Being involved with RSPA at all levels has and continues to contribute to the success of RPOWER’s growth and infrastructure.”
Jami Interdonato, President at RPOWER POS
Scottsdale, AZ

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