About 4Court Solutions LTD

Founded in 2006, we are (currently) a UK-based supplier of IT peripherals and hardware solutions to a range of industry sectors.

We have been successful in supplying our range of PrintPads to leading US, UK and International retailers as part of an in-store pricing and price-markdown solution in conjunction with our partners.

Mike Buchanan, the CEO, has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, delivering customer solutions across a number of industries. Having worked for industry leaders such as NCR and Diebold he is experienced in solving customer problems both across EMEA and in the US. Since he took control of 4Court Solutions and expanded its range of peripheral technology solutions and services the company has now focused its business development efforts on expanding its customer and partner based in retail in both the UK and US. The company is currently looking for US-based partners to assist in delivering their PrintPad solutions to a wider retail customer base.

4Court was alerted to the good work done by RSPA by several of its US-based peripheral manufacturing partners and believes that membership of the RSPA will allow it to reach a wider audience in the US in terms of both customers and potential partners.

At 4Court Solutions, we believe in sharing our success with our customers and partners and value their satisfaction with our service above everything else.

Mike Buchanan is a proud Scot and whilst he has lived and worked in London, Dayton, Orlando, Brussels and many other points in-between, he will always look for an opportunity to wear his kilt. JUST ASK HIM!!

Like many industries, the retail sector has been heavily affected by the development of the internet and the rise of e-commerce and online shopping. However, whilst this was disruptive to many traditional retailers’ business models, it is encouraging to see that the rush from bricks to clicks is beginning to be re-balanced with retailers now taking a holistic and integrated view of their organisations and the quality of service they provide at all customer touch-points. “Click and Collect and other such initiatives are being used by the pro-active retailers to drive traffic back to their stores at the same time as they modernize the in-store experience and up the quality of their in-store customer service.

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Website: www.printerkeypads.com

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