Yazara Payment Solutions

Yazara provides SoftPOS technology to more than 60 clients, including banks, merchant acquirers, fintech, PSP, ISOs and solution providers. The company has deployed more than 60,000 SoftPOS terminals, which are actively used by merchants. The proposed solution has already been integrated with well-established payments giants, such as Fiserv, Global Payments, Nexi, BBVA, Poynt, Caixa Bank. The SoftPOS technology, backend, monitoring & attestation, and the L2 Kernels are fully developed in-house. PCI-MPoC solution (CPoC with PIN) is on the roadmap. Yazara aims to be one the first companies to be MPoC certified by PCI.

Tap on Phone

Yazara provides tap on phone (softPOS) technology including banks, merchant acquirers, fintech, PSP, ISOs. ISVs and solution providers. Yazara’s mission is to develop and deliver best payment software without the need for physical POS and turns every mobile device a secure, convenient, frictionless.

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Evren Kozcu

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