vLoyalty is the ‘glue’ to increase the lifetime value of your customers by more than 100%.

With vLoyalty’s patented loyalty technology you can keep your clients on-board longer!

Now days, the payment terminal can provide SO much more value than just payments.
vLoyalty’s patented technology utilizes the payment terminal to power an automated and seamless loyalty program (or enhance an existing loyalty program or power a new one). vLoyalty’s technology:

- Allows member to join directly on the terminal and then ‘remembers’ the user’s credit card
- Tracks all of the users’ purchase by recognizing the credit card each time, with no need for staff - prompting or having to enter a phone # every time
- Compliantly opts in members to receive special offer texts and bonus offers

Once a merchant has built a robust member base, the switching cost to change terminals is HUGE.

vLoyalty will decrease your attrition and turbo-boost your monthly revenue.


Loyalty Programs make your payment terminals ‘stickier’, reducing churn. vLoyalty is a patented loyalty technology that 'remembers' the shoppers' credit card, eliminating the need to repeatedly ask for a member's phone #. vLoyalty automates your program from enrollment to tracking to rewards.

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