VAULT is the leading brand in mobile hardware products for retailers and restaurants. With over 25 years
of extensive experience in point-of-sale solutions, we specialize in mobile technology and how it can best
serve businesses. both large and small. From rugged iPad cases to self-service kiosks to cable-free
charging solutions to payment-enabled devices, VAULT has you covered.

VAULT Connect System

Introducing a built-to-last case solution that gives your company versatility where it’s needed most with the ability to transform consumer grade tablets and phones into enterprise business tools. Integrate third party payment devices to offer your customers a seamless checkout experience. Using this comprehensive mobility platform, through the VAULT Connect System, you can manage customer demands smoothly and improve the overall in-store experience.

Other Products and Services

When it comes to VAULT’s Pro line of cases and stands, versatility is key. With mounting solutions for counter-top, kiosk and wall mount, VAULT Pro can adapt and excel in any environment. Built to protect the Apple iPads, VAULT Pro is a flexible case solution for your unique hardware requirements.

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Lauren Cagle

Account Manager


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