Turing AI

Turing was founded in the heart of Silicon Valley in 2017. At our very core, we develop complex, machine learning models to integrate with industry-proven robotics, video analytics, and health solutions to create interconnected AI-enabled solutions unlike any other in the world. Our diverse team of engineers and entrepreneurs create an environment rich in ideas, explorations, and solutions. The Turing AI for Retail platform offers advanced AI solutions for retailers to better understand the customer journey and drive in-store actions that enhance the shopping experience, increase associate productivity, and improve store operations - all while leveraging existing camera investments. Our platform, powered by Turing’s award-winning AI Algorithms, drives insights to actions at the edge to truly transform retail Customer Experience, Associate Productivity, and Loss Prevention. Turing AI offers a comprehensive solution for retail that captures the complete customer journey, from store entrance through check-out. In addition, the Turing AI for Retail solutions can fully integrate with Turing’s award-winning safety and security solutions.

Turing AI for Retail: Intelligent Queue Management

IQM enables retailers to monitor, measure, and manage targeted service levels, customer wait times, and queue lengths. By giving managers real-time visibility into front-end performance and staffing requirement predictions, Turing helps optimize labor utilization and improve overall customer experience

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