Tri-Tech’s AIM Point of Sale Software for Retailers now integrates with Pointy from Google

Retail stores can reach more local shoppers by showing them their inventory online.

DUBUQUE, IA  – Tri-Tech’s AIM Point of Sale Software for retailers announced the launch of a new integration with Pointy. For our reseller network, Pointy helps your end-users’ stores to reach more customers by showing them what the store sells.

End-users using AIM v12 and Active-e Services, can download Pointy for free to their POS. Then when they scan their products, they are uploaded to an online catalog for their store and in turn are displayed on their Business Profile on Google. Their products also have a better chance of showing up in relevant product-related searches on Google.

“We’re very excited to offer this new integration. Not only does the Pointy interface enhance the already robust benefits of Tri-Tech’s AIM software, but it is always great when a partnership can be formed between two members of the same organization: RSPA- Retail Solutions Providers Association.  Our initial introduction was made during a Niche & Startup ISV Community meeting and from there talks continued until we were ready to release the interface.” – Amber Earles, Director of Project Management for Tri-Tech.

The Pointy and AIM integration will provide your end-users a seamless opportunity to get their products online and to reach more local shoppers.

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