TRG Earns Certification as a PCI-Validated Point-to-Point Encryption Solution Provider

Ohio-based managed services provider meets the PCI Security Standards Council’s ‘gold standard’ for payment encryption

CLEVELAND, OH – TRG, a global managed solutions provider focused on enterprise mobility, point of sale and payments, has achieved a milestone certification from the PCI Security Standards Council — joining an exclusive list of industry leaders who have earned the right to call themselves providers of Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Solutions.

Widely known as the gold standard for data security in financial transactions, PCI-validated P2PE solutions ensure credit card data and bank account information is converted into indecipherable code at the point of purchase, protecting the data from hacking and fraud until it is decrypted by the payment processor.

“This certification shows how serious we are about protecting our clients,” said Steve Bochniarz, TRG’s director of point of sale and payment solutions. “Fully certified P2PE solutions are still uncommon in the industry, so those who make this investment are truly all-in on data security.”

“From 2020 to 2021 alone, data breaches increased by 17 percent, with payment cards and personal information comprising more than 80 percent of all compromised data” he added. “P2PE solutions offer iron-clad protection against these breaches, lowering security risks for our clients while also simplifying their own PCI assessments for Data Security Standards, which can take up significant internal resources.”

TRG’s most recent certification is the latest in a series of PCI-related accreditations, including approval as a QIR (Qualified Integrator and Reseller of Payment Terminals and Deployments) and successful completion of a PIN 3.0 audit, the highest level available.

Remaining on the cutting-edge of these industry benchmarks allows the Company to maintain their in-house, PCI-compliant key injection facility (KIF) where they generate, inject, transfer and destruct payment terminal keys and credit/debit/PIN payment files.

“Ultimately, we want to offer a cradle-to-grave solution for any enterprise mobility, point of sale or payment processing need,” said Bochniarz. “Having our own KIF allows our customers to roll out their deployments quicker and more economically than our competition, while we do the work on the backend to protect their transactional data.”

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