Touch Dynamic Technological Innovations Help Expand Partnership with KFC Mexico

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – Touch Dynamic, a leading manufacturer of all-in-one touch systems, industrial PCs, and mobile POS devices, is excited to announce the expansion of its partnership with KFC Mexico. Since 2021, KFC has relied on Touch Dynamic’s cutting-edge hardware solutions to enhance customer experience and streamline operations. This latest expansion will see Touch Dynamic’s technological innovations installed in 500 KFC stores across Mexico.

KFC Mexico has selected a suite of Touch Dynamic hardware, including the Razor All-In-One (AIO), Pavilion Kiosk, and Quest III Tablet, to support various aspects of their in-store operations:

  • POS Terminals:
  • The Razor AIO systems will be implemented at checkout counters, providing reliable
  •  and efficient service to ensure quick and accurate order processing.
  • Kiosks for Ordering:
  • Pavilion Kiosks will be installed to offer customers a convenient, self-service
  •  ordering option, assisting with line-busting and improving overall customer satisfaction.
  • Tablets for Drive Thru Orders:
  • Quest III Tablets will be utilized in drive-thru lanes for line-busting and enhance
  •  the drive-thru experience, allowing staff to process orders swiftly and accurately.

“We are thrilled to deepen our collaboration with KFC Mexico and support their mission to deliver exceptional service and convenience to their customers. Our hardware solutions are designed to meet the high demands of the fast-paced restaurant environment, and we are confident that this expansion will bring significant operational benefits to KFC Mexico.” Said Craig Paritz, President at Touch Dynamic

Since the partnership began in 2021, KFC Mexico has seen substantial improvements in order accuracy, transaction speed, and overall customer satisfaction. The integration of Touch Dynamic’s hardware has played a pivotal role in achieving these results.

Leadin IT Services is a Touch Dynamic partner out of Mexico City that will assist in installing all 500 locations. They are a crucial part of the success of this implementation plan. 

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