Thank You RSPA General Counsel Bob Goldberg

RSPA’s longtime General Counsel Bob Goldberg provided his final RSPA Legal Update at the 2020 RSPA Academy Education Symposium, preparing to embark on retirement at the end of the year. Bob has served the association and industry since 1984, playing a crucial role in the forming of the modern day RSPA – what started with the Data Terminal Systems Dealers Association (“DTSDA”) led to the merger of the Systems Dealers Association and Independent Cash Register Dealers Association, and with the name subsequently changed to RSPA leaving past nomenclature.

Throughout the years, Bob has been an indispensable resource and friend to many. From his best-in-class and entertaining presentations, informative Legally Speaking Connect articles, and unlimited Legal Hotline availability, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors. We will miss you dearly.

In this video, you will hear directly from RSPA members sharing what Bob has meant to the Association and industry:

On July 1, Jill Miller of Bodman PLC assumed the lead role of General Counsel for the RSPA. Bob has and will continue to ride shotgun and assist Jill with the transition until his official last day, December 31.

As Bob mentioned in his final Thank You Legally Speaking article, “As I begin to curtail my practice I thank each and every one of you for the privilege and opportunity to serve. I do believe we have made a difference. Thank you and remain well.”

Bob surely has made a difference and we greatly appreciate all his contributions. On behalf of the entire RSPA Team and Community, thank you, Bob!