Brett Bennett

Board Chair

Brett Bennett has been in the retail automation industry since 1989 and is currently the Co-founder and President of POSitive Technology, Inc., with offices in Arizona, Maryland, and New York. POSitive Technology was founded in 1999 and provides software and hardware solutions to the retail industry, focusing primarily on its own suite of cloud-based products marketed under the OpSuite brand. In addition to his professional career, Brett enjoys teaching youth groups about business, finance, technology, and self-reliance. He has a passion for technology and graphic arts, developing websites, logos, branding, and marketing campaigns during his on and off time. Brett is a constant pursuer of information, always taking on new challenges in order to learn a new subject or skill. Brett is married and has three grown children and lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He and his wife, Laurie love animals. They have a dog and a cat, raise horses and chickens, have a large vegetable garden, and love to travel the world together.