Standard Insights Launches a Woman-Led and Co-Founded, AI-Driven Cannabis Tech Company – Mary Jane Menu

Mary Jane Menu seeks to empower women in the cannabis and tech industries where there is a significant dearth of female representation and upend how cannabis online ordering happens.

TAMPA, FL – Standard Insights, an AI as a Service analytics and marketing platform, backs the development of Mary Jane Menu (MJM), an AI-driven smart ordering, marketing automation, and inventory management platform whose mission is to make cannabis businesses profitable by weaponizing their first-party data using the predictive power of AI.

There’s a lack of women representation in cannabis and tech in the C-suite. In an article by Weed Week, only 8% of cannabis CEOs are women. In tech, particularly in AI, it’s a tad better, with women accounting for 18% of C- level positions, according to a recent article by Forbes. When male C-suite leaders begin to consider the positive impact that women can bring, it can only accelerate the growth trajectory of their companies.

Another major problem proliferating through the cannabis industry is the implosion of these first-generation canna tech companies. Many are getting their comeuppance with mass layoffs, falling valuations, and negative profitability where their leaders failed to heed the lessons from the dot com implosion in the early 2000s. Some of these companies, especially the third-party ordering platforms, hold their customer’s data hostage. The practice of data-captivity can often inhibit the growth of their customers during a time when many businesses are suffering from inflation and labor shortages.

Cathy McCorquodale, an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in all facets of the software industry, will function as a co-founding CEO for MJM. “Cathy’s core belief in empathetic leadership and using AI to give the clients she serves a competitive edge are keys to our growth strategy,” says Standard Insights co-founder Jerry Abiog. He continues, “we aim to differentiate ourselves with the MJM brand as we niche out our cannabis offerings, coming in hot and heavy, learning from others’ failures.”

MJM differs from the plethora of online ordering platforms in cannabis for growers, brands, or dispensaries in three ways: 

  • Uses the predictive power of AI
  • The customer keeps their data
  • The customer can take action on their data to drive repeat business

“For women to be successful at their job, they must take ownership of their career. The same philosophy applies to business, where you must take ownership of your data to drive growth. Harmful consequences can result when you don’t take ownership of your career or data. I believe in empowering women and business owners to be the best version of themselves,” says MJM co-founder and CEO Cathy McCorquodale.

About Standard Insights
Standard Insights are the developers of an AI as a Service analytics and marketing platform. The business problem they solve is that they help companies around the globe, in various verticals, leverage their first-party data to drive top and bottom-line growth.

About Mary Jane Menu
MJM is an AI-driven smart ordering, marketing automation, and inventory management platform powered by Standard Insights. Focusing on sound business fundamentals, MJM empowers cannabis business owners to take ownership of their data to build their competitive moat.

MJM goes beyond being a tech platform. Its purpose serves to elevate the presence of women in cannabis and tech. Cathy McCorquodale had grit and foresight when she approached Standard Insights leadership about building an AI platform that she could take to the market to address the gaps in cannabis ordering solutions.