Staley Technologies Merges with Boise POS Solutions

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Staley Technologies, headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, announced today the planned merger of their business operations with Boise POS Solutions of Boise, Idaho. The merger extends the suite of hospitality and retail technology solutions they offer nationwide. While the terms of the deal remain undisclosed, leadership continues under the direction of Andrew Faulkner, owner and Chief Executive Officer.

“We welcome Boise POS Solutions into the Staley family and broaden the comprehensive suite of tools we offer clients. It ensures that Staley Technologies remains well-positioned to serve customers’ needs as well as allows Staley  Technologies to deepen our impact in the northwestern United States,” Faulkner said.

Andrew Faulkner purchased Staley Technologies in 2018 to provide software, hardware, cloud-based solutions, and managed services with a national service model for industries such as hospitality, retail, and healthcare. Offered services include: POS systems and kiosks; CCTV and access controls; digital signage; network infrastructure; and other technologies that drive market growth. Boise POS Solutions serves as an authorized NCR restaurant software and hardware provider for Idaho and surrounding areas.

“The Staley Technologies merger allows Boise POS Solutions to remain family-owned while continuing to deliver exceptional, total solution provider support and customer service. The merger benefits both our customers and company,” said P.J. Yacuk, owner of Boise POS Solutions.

Together, Boise POS Systems and Staley Technologies workforce surpasses 200 employees and operates in all 50 states, though the merged company headquarters will remain in Little Rock. Boise POS Systems continues to do business under their name until further notice. The acquisition positions Staley Technologies as a full-service, family-owned, nationally recognized technology solutions provider.

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