Please provide a description of your company in 50 words or less.
Outlaw Technology was formed to provide RFID/barcode-based solutions for the cannabis industry supply chain. Our systems were designed with growers, processors, and dispensaries, which set Outlaw apart from any other provider. Outlaw’s systems are now deployed at cultivation facilities, manufacturers, distributors, labs and dispensaries coast-to-coast, automating the tracking, data capture, and upload of Plant, Package, and Product level data. Our OG Harvest, Desperado Plant/Package module and Maverick Dispensary module make up our core offerings. Our mission is to save licensees time, money and labor by leveraging the power of technology to do more with less.

What are the core values of your company?
Outlaw has a core mission to ensure superior customer service and system availability to ensure all compliance related requirements are being met.

Why did you join RSPA?
Personally having 25+ years in retail systems it made sense for our cannabis focused entity Outlaw Technology to join RSPA.

In one sentence, what do you want RSPA members to know about your business?
The Outlaw Technology team has over 40+ years of RFID expertise in retail system deployment.

Name one fun fact that makes your company different from others.
We host a podcast called “The Cannabis Roundup” (Outlaw Podcast – Outlaw Technology), where we interview a wide range of cultivators, processors, dispensaries as well as system and service providers.

What new/existing technologies do you have an interest in learning more about?
We are always interested in POS systems specifically regarding cycle counts/inventory management solutions.

What would you tell other resellers like you about the need to join RSPA?
Since we are a brand-new member, we first need to see what value and fit, but I would say if you have systems/solutions that involve retail then joining the leading association only makes sense.

What is the most encouraging thing you see for the future of the point of sale technology industry?
The use of RFID technology to streamline and provide a more accurate self-checkout process for customers.

Connect with us:

The best point of contact is David Eagleson.
Phone: 410-991-1173

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