Sound Payments Introduces a New Device to Further Strengthen the Mobile Options for Sound POS

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Sound Payments, a processor-agnostic POS and payments software and technology provider, released Sound POS on the A77 today, further supporting point-of-sale and payments on-the-go.

“The importance of a mobile POS is only growing stronger, and this device is a no-brainer for small businesses that want powerful POS software and a full back office in a light, compact solution to carry around,” said Andrew Russell, president of Sound Payments.

The size of a smartphone, the A77 has all the software Sound POS resellers love while giving another mobile-friendly option. The A77 fits in the palm of your hand and integrates seamlessly with the needs of many types of businesses with an all-day battery life.

It is the perfect option for small merchants where you need to be mobile around different booths, home services where you need a customer to pay on site and any type of products and services that need a POS option that is not stationary and can fit in a pocket.

The A77 has a stunning 5.5-inch color touch-screen, a powerful processor and a long-lasting battery life. Designed to reduce environmental footprint as well as stationery costs, the A77 does not come with an inbuilt printer but can be paired up to one via Bluetooth connectivity. If customers need a receipt, it can be delivered by email.

Sound POS accepts all major payment methods — magnetic, chip and contactless, including ApplePay, GooglePay and SamsungPay. The system allows merchants to remotely manage inventory, pricing and discounts, run reports, sales trends and customer satisfaction all in real-time through our seamless commerce portal.

Resellers in the payments industry choose Sound POS for its ease of use, including the ability to transfer devices to a different merchant. Sound POS offers a white label option, a lower price point, a processor neutral approach, the cloud-based platform and system options such as cash discounting.