Sound Payments Initiates Survey Seeking Insights from Niche Software Developers on POS System Add-Ons

JACKSONVILLE, FL — Sound Payments, a trailblazer in payment acceptance and point-of-sale (POS) technology, is actively seeking insights from niche software developers through a survey. This initiative aims to gather valuable perspectives on POS system add-ons and their integration possibilities within Sound POS.

Shaping the Future of POS Technology: Your Insights Matter
Sound Payments values the expertise of niche software developers and invites them to participate in a concise and impactful survey. The survey, consisting of three straightforward questions, focuses on understanding the preferences and possibilities surrounding the integration of add-on software with Sound POS. To participate submit your answers here.

Exploring Collaborative Opportunities
This survey is a crucial step in exploring collaborative opportunities that can enhance the Sound POS and cloud portal features and create new revenue streams for software developers. Sound Payments envisions a dynamic partnership where add-on software seamlessly integrates with Sound POS and our cloud, offering users an enriched and customizable POS experience.

How to Contribute
Niche software developers are encouraged to share their insights by clicking on the survey link here. The information gathered will contribute to refining Sound Payments’ offerings and shaping the future of POS system add-ons.