Sound Payments Initiates Boarding and Deployment Services for Sound POS

New Services Aim to Meet Demand of Partner Market and Grow Sound POS in 2024

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Sound Payments, a processor-agnostic POS and payments software technology provider, announced today that it will provide complete Sound POS boarding and deployment services to assist its ISO partners with their merchants.

“Our resellers have been responsible for this in the past, and a number of them have requested assistance from us and are in need of these services,” said Andrew Russell, president of Sound Payments. “Our team members are experts at the solution and platform, and boarding and deployment can be challenging to some resellers to take on that responsibility.”

Now, Sound Payments will give the option to handle those services for a fee. Resellers can also continue to handle these services on their own. The services include web portal configuration/creating the store, inventory uploading and personalized one-on-one merchant training.

The Sound POS team can configure the devices to get them ready for a merchant, set up the web portal/create the Sound Payments store, upload inventory and provide personalized training for merchants. Additionally, Sound Payments will ship the devices directly to the merchant.

Payment app set up includes configuring the device for things like whether it will accept tips (percentages or dollar presets), PIN debit and auto batch. Merchant store set up includes tax rates, tips, signature, receipt requirements and customization.

“Listening to your customers and partners is key to success,” said Cesar Carrasco, national sales manager for Sound POS. “This is another big step in our efforts to propel Sound POS growth this year and give our resellers the extra assistance they need to be successful.”

Pricing is based on the services that are selected. For information on pricing, please contact our team at Sound Payments provides monthly merchant and reseller webinar trainings at no charge.

About Sound Payments
Sound Payments is a software provider for niche markets and is processor agnostic. We are proud to have products and services in numerous business lines. Sound POS is a cost-effective, all-in-one POS that gives greater flexibility and more tools for stores to run their business. For more information about Sound POS, visit