Seiko Instruments Qaliber Receipt Printer Now Offered through ECRS Bundled Self-Service Solution

Leading manufacturer of POS retail technology products and services to provide manufacturer’s Qaliber RP-E10 Receipt Printer as part of its Express Market solution.

TORRANCE, CA – Seiko Instruments USA Inc. (SII) Thermal Printer Division, a globally recognized leader in thermal printer technology, today announced that it has signed a technology agreement with ECRS, a leading manufacturer of POS retail technology products and services. The agreement will allow ECRS and its reseller partners the opportunity to offer Seiko’s RP-E10 Qaliber receipt printer as an add-on component to its bundled Express Market solution, as well as to any other solution where a compact and rapid-performing printer is needed.

As a result of this agreement, the solution will feature Seiko Instruments’ sleek and fast Qaliber Point-of-Sale RP-E10 Receipt Printer, which offers industry-leading print speeds of approximately 1.15 feet per second, as well as a minimum 93 miles of printing and 2 million cuts. The printer was selected by ECRS for this technology solution because of its ability to meet more than one challenge faced by the company’s customers with each transaction. This coupled with the printer’s strong reputation of producing quality, precision electronics and its compact size and small footprint also makes it an ideal choice for a setting where space saving within front-end real estate is top-of-mind.

The agreement was a natural choice for both ECRS and Seiko; both companies have a solid reputation that is consistent with the cutting-edge of developing technologies: ECRS offers the only truly holistic, vertically built, unified retail automation platform on the market, while Seiko has experienced unbridled success in working with customers worldwide who have sold hundreds of thousands of embedded printers annually within POS, small business, and a variety of other applications.

“As more retailers and resellers are looking to expand their options to fit the needs of today’s consumers at the point-of-sale, it made perfect sense to establish this partnership with ECRS,” said Yoshi Murakami, General Manager, Seiko Instruments USA. “We are excited that our Qaliber Receipt Printer will now be offered in this Express Market solution offered by ECRS to further an area, such as self-service, in which many consumers have now come to expect as the norm. In combining ECRS’ high-level POS technology with our fast and efficient and space-saving receipt printer; it will be a win-win for retailers and the customers they serve.”

“We wanted to bring this solution to market for our retailers who demand the fastest checkout experience possible,” said Pete Catoe, Founder & CEO, ECRS. “These retailers will clearly appreciate the combination of the Seiko receipt printer, which provides class-leading print speeds with our very fast and capable CATAPULT Transaction Server POS and Self Service software. It’s a wonderful partnership for our retailers and their most demanding consumers.”

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