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NOVEMBER 30, 2016
Visa Bulletin: Eight-Digit User Bin will be Implemented in April 2022
Effective with the April 2022 VisaNet Business Enhancements release, Visa will begin assigning eight-digit issuer BINs and will require all clients to process using the new eight-digit BIN structure. Technical requirements will be included in the VisaNet Business Enhancements Global Technical Letter and Implementation Guide.

Note: Visa will continue to assign six-digit numerics to acquirers. To avoid confusion with the eight-digit BINs assigned to issuers, these six-digit numerics will be renamed “Acquirer Identifiers.¦ Read More

AUGUST 8, 2016
Visa Security Alert: Oracle Micros Compromise Notification
On Monday, 8 August 2016, Oracle Security informed Oracle MICROS customers that it had detected malicious code in certain legacy MICROS systems. Oracle is currently investigating the compromise, and as of 12 August 2016, the company has not published details about the cause/s.

Visa is issuing this alert to provide indicators of compromise (IOCs) associated with cybercrime threats known to have previously targeted Oracle systems. This data security alert may be disseminated to all payment system stakeholders.¦ Read More