RSPA’s W2W Community Announces New Chairperson

The RSPA would like to thank outgoing W2W Chairperson Cindy Marcoux for her dedication and service to this community over the past several years. Cindy played a key role in growing the community’s involvement at the RSPA events and year-round participation in RSPA’s print and online publications.

Now, please join us in welcoming the new W2W Community Chairperson:

Michelle MacKeith, Vice President of Operations at Pinnacle Hospitality Systems
Michelle is a dynamic, strategic sales and general operations leader with 29+ years’ experience in providing cutting edge software and hardware solutions to the hospitality and retail industry. She has worked for Pinnacle Hospitality Systems in Florida for the past 8 years in Major Accounts, as Director of Operations and currently Vice President.

Previously, she worked for Data Business Systems in Fairfax, VA for 20 years in multiple leadership roles including Software Support Manager, Key Accounts, Sales Director and for the last 10 years Director of Hospitality Solutions.

She is goal oriented and driven with passion to develop a cohesive team environment to work together for the success of the company and would do the same in her potential new role as RSPA Board Member.

What excites you most about being W2W Committee Chair? 
I am excited to chair the W2W Committee.  I look forward to working with the committee to help lead the way to take the W2W community to the next level of what was started through our mission statement, “To unite, lift and empower women in technology by providing educational opportunities and peer to peer collaboration in a supportive environment. “ I care and  am passionate about our RSPA community; especially helping women to  be “BYCB” (Best You Can Be).  And we help each other to get there.

How long have you been part of the RSPA Community? 
Pinnacle has been a part of the RSPA community for over 20 years and I have been a part of it for over 10.

About the W2W Community
W2W was created to provide a support network and resources for women as they enter and continue to advance in the retail technology industry. Any and all retail technology women professionals can join W2W as it is not exclusive to RSPA members. By joining you will receive information about this group, upcoming events and networking opportunities. The committee advises on content development and presenter selection for the W2W event at RetailNOW and also provides content for the Community Connection e-newsletter.