RSPA Welcomes New Board of Directors Chair Brett Bennett

Brett Bennett of VAR/ISV POSitive Technology is the new Chair of the RSPA (Retail Solutions Providers Association) Board of Directors Chair. Bennett began his one-year term as Board Chair following the RSPA’s Annual Membership Meeting held virtually on August 16.

Bennett is the Co-Founder and President of POSitive Technology, where he has spearheaded the company’s evolution since inception in 1998.

Bennett has been an active RSPA member for 15+ years. He was elected to the RSPA Board of Directors in August 2020 where he served as a Reseller Board Member. In 2021, the RSPA Community approved Bennett as Incoming Chair. In his Chair term, Bennett plans to contribute to the growth of the association through membership count, member benefit enhancement, and event development.

Following is the complete text of Bennett’s Chair introduction speech:

I am deeply honored to have this opportunity as the newly appointed Board Chair, to continue serving this amazing RSPA community.

Before I get into plans for the future, I would like to thank and acknowledge a few people:

Over the past year, I have had the opportunity, as part of the Executive Committee, to work with three great individuals; Michel Sirois, Jim Roddy, and Jeremy Julian. Each of them have taught me important concepts and skills that I will carry into this new role. I would like to thank them for their example, their leadership, and their dedication to this wonderful association … the RSPA.

I would like to acknowledge and thank the current Board of Directors, Board appointees, and Past Chairs who have worked tirelessly in support of the RSPA. And I would like to congratulate each of the newly elected board members: Kelli Stewart, Michael Tash, Allie Haskell, and Brianna Buccellato. I know each of you and I am excited to have the opportunity to work with you and learn from you. I know you will bring a renewed energy and a fresh perspective to the Board.

I would also like to highlight the group of people who have impressed me the most this past year; the RSPA staff. This small but powerful group works with what seems to be endless energy, bottomless excitement, and unlimited creativity. As a team, they pull off what seem to be impossible tasks on a frequent basis. My hat’s off to you!

Now on to the future …

In my non-business life, I volunteer time working with teenagers and young adults. The focus of that time is centered around teaching skills that are difficult to come by in school. Things like personal finance, home and auto maintenance, gardening, horsemanship, and various outdoor skills. One of my favorite things to teach is orienteering or navigating by compass. For many of them, it’s magical to line a compass up to a map, and with a few coordinates, be able to navigate through the dense forest to an exact location or goal.

You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about compasses and forests. Well, the RSPA has been for me and my company for the past 25 years, like a compass, almost magically guiding us through the dense forests and barren plains of the retail industry. For many years we have benefited from RSPA members like Mark Fraker, Tom Reichart, Hunter Allen, Lynn Skurla, Bob Bauer, Dave McCarthy, Mark Olson,

Chelsey Paulson … the list goes on. Whenever I come to a difficult decision or find myself in a hard business position, I know I can get guidance from you … this great community that is the RSPA.

So, as we look to the future, we know that our industry is changing. Some might look out on the retail landscape and see nothing but trees and confusion, but there is an entire forest of opportunity out there, and it is thriving. The RSPA continues to be our guide through these changes, pointing us toward the opportunities that abound.

Let me mention a few examples of areas where our industry is exploding with growth and opportunity, things like:

· Augmented and Virtual Reality bringing new levels of consumer engagement

· Integrated robotics and self-checkout for extending staff and providing better customer service

· Harmonizing shopping experiences across all platforms of selling

· Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for better customer education and retention

· New innovations in payments and loyalty programs

· Personalized selling, and the list goes on

Technology and the required services that go along with it have never been more important! With the RSPA, we are in a great position to help thousands of businesses transition into the next phase of their technological growth.

My goal as Board Chair is to continue to support the RSPA staff and board in our efforts to:

· Continue membership growth

· Expand member value through new and existing services

· Build upon new initiatives to enhance our business model

· And grow our event footprint and value to maximize member benefit

I challenge each of us to confidently walk into the forest of the future with our handy compass and guide, the RSPA, knowing that our goals are set … and success is our destination.

It’s going to be a great year!

Thank you!