RSPA Trusted Advisor Ep. 5: From Startup to Sustained Success with Melanie Tawil of VAR SwipeTrack Solutions

In Episode 5 of “The Trusted Advisor,” the RSPA’s Jim Roddy sits down with Melanie Tawil, the CEO and co-owner of RSPA reseller member SwipeTrack Solutions. Their conversation covers several topics including SwipeTrack’s humble beginnings in 2011, maintaining differentiation with your products, services, and company culture, SEO tactics that lead to sales, and where retail technology is heading.

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Jim Roddy is the Vice President of Marketing for the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA). He has been active in the POS channel since 1998, including 11 years as the President of Business Solutions Magazine, six years as an RSPA board member, one term as RSPA Chairman of the Board, and several years as a business coach for VARs, ISVs, and MSPs. Jim is regularly requested to speak at industry conferences and he is author of Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer. For more information, contact