RSPA Board of Directors Welcomes Three New Members, New Chair Elect

By: Chris Arnold, RSPA Marketing Communications Manager

Three new members were elected to the RSPA Board of Directors to fill open seats during the annual RSPA Membership Meeting at RetailNOW 2019 in San Antonio, TX.  Michael Tash of Essential Systems Solutions was re-elected to a second three-year term for a reseller board seat, Murray Bartholome of Midwest POS Solutions was elected to a three-year reseller term, Suzanne Davis of Shift4 Payments was elected to a three-year term for a vendor board seat, and David Gosman of HP was named Chair Elect. Next year Gosman will succeed RSPA Chairperson Chelsey Paulson of North Country Business Products.

Election to the RSPA Board of Directors is a high honor. It represents recognition from association and industry peers that they are qualified to be one of the stewards of this organization. The members of the association have given these candidates a mandate to make important decisions on their behalf. That trust is not only an honor but also an obligation because board members are charged with the responsibility of doing what is best for the RSPA community.

As a volunteer leader, these individuals will be asked to donate their time and knowledge to the association. They will be expected to lead by example and to set a standard of conduct for other members to follow. While RSPA Board positions are not compensated, board members find their service to be very rewarding.

The RSPA thanks our outgoing board members Mark Fraker (Past Chair) and Kelli Stewart (Board of Directors) for their dedication and service to our organization over the past several years.

Please join us in welcoming the newest RSPA Chair Elect and Board Members:


What interests you most about serving as the next RSPA Chair Elect and later Chairperson?
The members of the RSPA have given so much to me and my career – I’m excited for the opportunity to give back! Throughout my 15 years of membership, I’ve bonded with colleagues, mentors and friends that are active in every part of our industry. We also have a leadership team and talented staff that are capable and motivated to offer services to VARs and nurture an industry that is sustainable long into the future. I’m hoping my deep industry experience as a point of sale reseller and ISV, working closely with hardware, software, payments, e-commerce and other POS-related technologies, positions me to work with all involved to move the RSPA into the future.

What contribution(s) do you plan to make as the next Chair Elect and later Chairperson?
My primary focus is to ensure our RSPA leadership team has the tools, direction and connections they need to successfully advance the goals of the association and its members. In addition to that, I’d like to help organize an effort that identifies the technology companies powering future experiences in retail stores and restaurants, teaches them the merits of working through an educated reseller channel and recruits them to actively participate in our events and association. Another goal of mine is to further foster our ties as a community via group participation in meaningful, charitable activities that benefit the world around us.

Prior involvement with the RSPA:
I’ve been an active member of the RSPA for 15 years and just completed my sixth year on the RSPA Board of Directors. RetailNOW and Inspire have been on my calendar annually for the past decade, where I’ve regularly led education sessions, participated on panels and engaged in the countless networking opportunities our events have to offer. In between events, I’ve participated in several committees. One of my most active committees was the Strategic Technology Solutions Committee, where I authored several Connect Magazine articles to benefit the education and knowledge of RSPA members.


What interests you most about serving on the RSPA board?
At this point in my career, I feel uniquely capable of helping shape the RSPA community goals and helping to plan and execute the agenda.

What contribution do you plan to bring to the board?
My decades of experience have given me strong personal relationships with the community of resellers across the country, and I am constantly addressing the needs and desires of the community on the cutting edge of emerging technologies in the industry. I have strong public presenting skills, and I am very comfortable planning and executing anything from events to identifying key issues to help the community through providing education. I will bring fresh energy and ideas to the table and be a good asset to the team.

Prior involvement with the RSPA:
I have been attending RSPA’s RetailNOW for about 13 years as an employee of Mercury Payments Systems, Total Merchant Services, and now with Shift4 Payments. I have spoken at dealer meetings for Mercury and have attended the educational sessions and breakout sessions over the years.


What interests you most about serving on the RSPA board?
I believe the role of the VAR in the POS industry is changing quickly. I feel like my experience could be helpful in working with the RSPA to assist dealers in transitioning to a new business model. I have worked with several of the current staff members at RSPA in their past roles and look forward to the opportunity to do so again.

What contribution do you plan to bring to the board?
I believe my tenure and experience in the POS industry, as well as my knowledge and interaction with vendors and contracts, will be beneficial in helping guide the association as our industry continues to transform and evolve. I am a creative thinker and enjoy solving problems through collaboration. 

Prior involvement with the RSPA:
Midwest POS has been a member of the association for my entire tenure, dating back to ICRDA days. I have attended many RetailNOW events and approximately three Inspire conferences.


What interests you most about serving on the RSPA board?
I’m interested in continuing my role as a board member to help position RSPA as the go-to resource and the expert in our industry for any advice on things like EMV, POS, PCI and any other acronym that anyone needs help with.

What contribution do you plan to bring to the board?
I believe I can be a valuable asset and continue to use my strength as an RSPA member to leverage credibility. RSPA allows all of us to share our ideas of what works and more importantly what doesn’t. The learning and networking opportunities are immense, and I want to extend that to the breadth of the membership.

Prior involvement with the RSPA:
I’ve been in the POS world since 1989, been an RSPA member for almost 15 years, and have always been an RSPA ambassador. I’ve served as a board member for the last three years and appreciate the opportunity to continue serving the community.

About RetailNOW
RetailNOW 2019 was held July 28-31 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX. Known as “Where the Industry Meets,” RetailNOW annually brings together retail IT professionals, channel leaders, and innovators from around the globe. RetailNOW 2020 will be held at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas August 2-5. For more information, contact