Retail Control Systems Names Kevin Albert New CEO/President

Founder Dave Albert Sets Focus on Mocha Payment Processing Business

ENFIELD, NH & FORT COLLINS, CO –  Retail Control Systems (RCS) today named Kevin Albert as its new CEO and President. The addition of the CEO title will see Kevin take over day-to-day management of RCS, a leading provider of retail management software and hardware solutions.

“For going on twenty years Kevin’s been ingrained in every aspect of our business. He’s played a vital role in building this company into what it is today,” said RCS founder Dave Albert. “His natural leadership qualities and vision are exactly what’s needed to propel RCS forward into the future. Kevin taking the reins has also fulfilled a dream of mine; that RCS remain a family-owned entity.”

With the pandemic accelerating many emerging trends in retail technology, RCS is well-positioned for growth, offering a suite of tailored retail technology solutions that directly meet the changing needs of consumers and retailers alike. 

“With the support of our outstanding senior leadership team, skilled RCS professionals, and the tremendous culture and value system that Dave instilled in our organization, RCS is perfectly set up to serve our customers both now and in the future,” said Kevin. “The future of retail is evolving at a faster pace than anyone could have imagined 18 months ago. RCS’ ability to both anticipate that change and respond to it in the midst of a pandemic is a testament to what Dave built and the incredibly capable and dynamic RCS team he put together.” 

Dave Albert will remain involved with RCS as an advisor and retain a seat on the board. He’ll also continue to work with Mocha Payments (, RCS’ sister company, which provides a variety of merchant payment solutions. 

An alumni of Delaware University’s Lerner college of Business and Economics, Kevin Albert started work at RCS in 2002 as a Software Specialist, in the subsequent years he was integral in the management of the company’s sales, delivery, customer service and finance departments. In 2020, he was named President, setting the stage for today’s announcement.

Headshots of Kevin And Dave are available for download here

About Retail Control Systems: Founded in 1987, RCS specializes in retail management software and hardware solutions. RCS has built a reputation for finding specialized business management solutions that help businesses gain complete control over their operations and finances. From daily sales management to inventory control, RCS has the experience and expertise across the full-range of retail industries to meet the unique needs of any business including cannabis. RCS has been providing superior customer service, exceptional quality, and innovation to the retail and restaurant community for over 30 years.