Quisitive LedgerPay Secures ISO Customer Paytron

TORONTO, ONQuisitive Technology Solutions Inc. (“Quisitive” or “the Company”) (TSXV: QUIS), a premier Microsoft Cloud Services and Payment Solutions Provider, has announced that it has finalized a contract with Paytron Merchant Services (“Paytron”), a Passport Technology company, to provide payment processing services, making it among the first major secured LedgerPay contracts with an Independent Sales Organization (“ISO”) customer. ISOs resell payment services from payment processors, such as LedgerPay.

Paytron is a merchant services provider that enables payment processing for resort and casino merchants. The agreement between Paytron and Quisitive LedgerPay will provide Paytron the opportunity to employ LedgerPay’s advanced payment processing services to its customers. Compared to alternative processing partners, LedgerPay provides increased automation, enhanced efficiencies, and decreased overhead.

LedgerPay’s automated merchant onboarding, and automated residuals calculation and settlement features, are key for ISO customers. With LedgerPay, boarding and underwriting new merchant customers is seamless and automated. Additionally, the automation of agent residual computation and payment decreases overhead, improves the timeliness and accuracy of agent payments, and can enable higher retention of top agent talent. With legacy payment processors, the agent residuals payment process can take weeks of manual calculation, but with LedgerPay, residuals are computed automatically on a configurable timeline (daily, weekly, monthly). Paytron plans to employ these robust features designed for the modern ISO to optimize processing for their merchant customers.

Marc Ruben, VP of Payments Paytron Merchant Services, said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with LedgerPay for their payment processing services. The LedgerPay features for ISOs provide a brand-new level of automation that has the potential to radically improve the efficiency of our processing services. Paytron is proud to be utilizing this innovative technology to serve our customers with secure, robust, and efficient payment processing.”

“Our team is incredibly excited to announce this new ISO customer signing on with LedgerPay for payment processing services. As we move towards full commercialization, we have a strong pipeline of prospects that see the vision and value of the LedgerPay solution set. They’re ready to employ it to transform their businesses with enhanced efficiencies, reduced overhead, and optimized operations,” said Quisitive CEO Mike Reinhart. “The LedgerPay team continues to advance our vision on both the engineering and sales fronts to reach commercialization and a strong public launch for this world-class solution.”

About Paytron
Paytron is a leading provider of merchant services, including credit and debit card processing, secure gateway processing, point-of-sale hardware, card terminals, and business loans for retail, enterprise, casino, and high-risk industries. Paytron’s team of industry experts deliver cost-effective payment solutions tailored to fit customer needs in a streamlined and expedited fashion. Additionally, as a ‘Passport Technology’ company, Paytron offers merchant services to resort and casino markets enabling a holistic approach to financial needs by a singular provider. Paytron continues to be a fundamental contributor to the design of smart payment solutions, combining years of expertise in merchant services with Passport’s award-winning technological and deployment experience.

For more information, visit paytron.com

About Quisitive:
Quisitive (TSXV: QUIS) is a premier, global Microsoft partner that harnesses the Microsoft platform and complementary technologies, including custom solutions and first-party offerings, to generate transformational impact for enterprise customers. Our Cloud Solutions business focuses on helping enterprises move, operate, and innovate in the three Microsoft clouds. Centering on our LedgerPay product suite, our Payments Solutions business leverages the Microsoft Azure cloud to transform the payment processing industry into an entirely new source of customer engagement and consumer value. Quisitive serves clients globally from eleven employee hubs across the world. For more information, visit www.quisitive.com and follow @BeQuisitive. For more information on LedgerPay, visit www.LedgerPay.com