POSsible POS Launches Major Software Upgrade with Version 2.4.5 Release

Stafford, TX “ POSsible POS, leading provider of point-of-sale solutions to the hospitality industry, announced the release of its highly-awaited v2.4.5 update to improve operational effectiveness and create additional convenience for end-users. With the latest release, POSsible POS has added business enhancing features, expanded its EMV and gift card versatility, and improved upon pre-existing operational capabilities.

2.4.5 Key Release Features:

  • EMV credit card payment gateway:
    – Datacap
    – Credit Call
  • Valutec gift card
  • Datacap gift card
  • Smart Tax (in Florida)
  • Caller ID
  • Menu drive integration (Online Ordering)
  • Added station information on error log mail
  • Customer loyalty changes:
    – Loyalty point information under customer screen
    – Added loyalty point information on customer receipt
    – Added report customers loyalty points
    – Added report customer loyalty point details
  • Added gift card log report.
  • Tax inclusion by station and items changes
  • Customer display VGA option
  • Enterprise module settings on software
  • Kitchen print changes based on setting
  • Table layout changes
  • Employee module changes
  • Pre-selected modifier
  • POSsible gift card (Enterprise gift card), Module, Multi-store
  • Standalone modifier in kitchen print
  • Solved split order issues
  • Multi-Currency Implemented
  • Staff bank liability report
  • Tax2 on tax1 changes
  • Only one receipt for CC
  • Modifier screen: ‘Add’ button should not be default selected
  • Disable Tip option
  • Menu Drive integration
  • Mandatory category
  • Order by Seat fixed
  • Solved the issue open item price from modifier screen
  • Added more graphs in dashboard:
    – By Employee Void
    – Labor %
    – Clocked in Employees
  • Gift card log report added
  • Implement customer loyalty swipe card
  • Change the caption everywhere in software
    – Inventory to Item / PLU
    – Invoice to Order
  • Edit Table screen changes and bug fix
  • Solved issue of force modifier on sales screen
  • Added image option in table layout screen
  • Gift card issue on payment screen resolved – now it will allow the remaining amount to be paid with other payment type
  • Added kitchen printer setup at store level and removed kitchen printer setup from station level
  • Resolved – pizza toppings price from modifier screen
  • Resolved – print line will not show on customer receipt in case of QSR
  • Dynamic font style for menu
  • Made required changes in server report and drawer report – now it will be generated even if not closed shift and not out server
  • Modify combo
  • Sales after midnight issue has been resolved
  • User can now delete an item if it is not dependent on any choice or combo item
  • Resolved – missing department issues from report
  • Report size is now letter standard size for all software reports
  • Resolved tax inclusion issues
  • Resolved void item issue
  • Made periodic price changes now able to change multiple item for periodic price
  • Added user define payment type and related changes.
  • Implement pullback check functionality. Now users are able to reopen tickets and void payment without having to void entire ticket. (not allowed for batched transactions)
  • Recall invoices now as per close date time.
  • Split by item and item quantity
  • Able to transfer individual items to other tickets
  • Show rounding information on the receipt as per setting
  • Sales by hour report now show option for hourly or half hour
  • Implement tip out percentage
  • Gratuity by Split Number and it should be for Split invoice amount and not for entire invoice amount.
  • Start Shift / End Shift button on table layout screen based on setting
  • Solved the issue open item price from modifier screen

POSsible POS Inc.:
POSsible POS Inc., headquartered in Stafford, Texas, is a leading developer of innovative POS software and hardware solutions for the restaurant, hospitality and retail industries. Since inception, POSsible has industry standards by partnering with the industry’s best technology providers and developing a proprietary Restaurant Pro software to address the unique restaurant business challenges. With an intuitive user interface, robust operations management and customizable reporting capabilities, businesses can maximize their operations productivity and provide the ideal customer experience.