POSDATA Partners with Futurex to Offer VirtuCrypt Remote Key Injection

GIG HARBOR, WA POSDATA Group, Inc., a leading North American distributor of secure payment devices, today announced it has partnered with Futurex to offer VirtuCrypt Elements remote key injection (RKI) services. Performing tens of thousands of key injections annually, POSDATA can now remotely and compliantly load cryptographic acquirer, processor and gateway keys into point-of-sale equipment in the field at merchant point-of-sale locations for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a VirtuCrypt interface.

“VirtuCrypt Elements positions POSDATA at the forefront of RKI servicing in North America,” said Brett Smith, chairman and principal at Futurex. “We are excited to partner with POSDATA and look forward to providing enterprise-class data security while reducing friction in the merchant key injection experience,” added Smith.  

“Our new RKI capabilities provide a faster, automated, highly secure and cost-effective alternative to traditional secure room key injection processes,” said Jeffrey Creighton, chief executive officer for POSDATA. “Our customers and partners will benefit greatly from fast, simple and secure RKI equipment deployments,” added Creighton. “Partnering with Futurex is just another example of POSDATA’s commitment to delivering the latest in payments technology.”

POSDATA provides payment solution providers with comprehensive deployment services, including device configuration, key injection and secure key management, to help merchants achieve Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance while minimizing assessment scope. The company’s Louisville, Ky. facility has been Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) key injection certified by the PCI Security Standards Council.

In addition to payment equipment distribution, deployment and key injection and management services, POSDATA logistics services include device configuration, customer-owned and consignment inventory warehousing, custom reporting, warranty programs, advance exchange programs, equipment repair, device upgrades and e-waste recycling.

For more information on RKI and other POSDATA services, please telephone +1.800.852.3282 or email sales@posdata.com.

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About Futurex
For over 35 years, Futurex has been a globally recognized provider of hardened, enterprise-class data security solutions. Over 15,000 customers worldwide have trusted Futurex’s innovative Hardened Enterprise Security Platform and the VirtuCrypt Hardened Enterprise Security Cloud to provide market-leading solutions for the secure encryption, storage, transmission, and certification of sensitive data. For more information, please visit futurex.com and virtucrypt.com.

About POSDATA Group, Inc.
POSDATA Group is a leading payment systems distributor for the North American channel. Serving leading payment equipment brands, POSDATA provides related deployment, configuration, installation and support services to retailers large and small. Headquartered in Gig Harbor, Wash. with offices throughout the United States, POSDATA has been committed to excellence in payments system engineering and equipment support for more than 30 years. For more information, please visit posdata.com.