Partner Tech Unveils Next-Gen Self-Checkout Solution with Advanced AI Features at RSPA RetailNOW 2024

Advanced AI-driven self-checkout software revolutionizes the customer experience and enhances theft prevention.

ANAHEIM, CAPartner Tech USA Inc., a global technology innovator in intelligent POS and self-service solutions, proudly announces the release of its latest iteration of self-checkout software, featuring advanced AI capabilities. This innovative and intuitive software enhances the self-checkout experience by expediting transactions and minimizing customer interventions.

Among the notable additions is the Picklist Assistant, a feature designed to streamline the purchase of items such as vegetables, fruits, and specialty products. Traditionally, this aspect of self-checkout slowed down the checkout and caused frustration among shoppers. It required customers to manually navigate menus to identify items and often resulted in customers picking the wrong item or needing help. In addition, it was posing risk for fraud. With the new version, Partner Tech’s SCO software utilizes AI and computer vision to automatically recognize items, requiring only customer confirmation. This not only reduces search time for the correct item, but also safeguards against fraudulent activities, such as item substitution.

Shane Colvin, Head of Store Transformation at Partner Tech USA, emphasizes the transformative impact of the updated SCO software. “Our latest AI-driven self-checkout system empowers stores to enhance profitability while maintaining efficiency,” he states. “By delivering a more intuitive user experience and bolstering theft prevention measures, our solution elevates overall store performance.”

Partner Tech’s AI-powered SCO software is available for both Starling and Alfred SCO and seamlessly integrates with leading POS solutions, offering a modular design and scalability to cater to retailers of all sizes. The result is a swift return on investment for both small and large businesses.

Experience the Future of Self-Checkout
Visit booth 727 at RSPA RetailNOW 2024, taking place July 28-30 in Las Vegas, to witness firsthand the capabilities of Partner Tech’s new SCO software. Contact Partner Tech to schedule a personalized demonstration of our cutting-edge self-checkout solutions.

About Partner Tech
Partner Tech, a member of Qisda Group, is a global technology company and innovator of intelligent POS and self-service solutions with focus on retail and hospitality. Founded in 1990, Partner Tech has more than 30 years’ experience as an ISO 9000-certified manufacturer of touch screen POS terminals, self-service kiosks, self-checkout systems, tablets, and mobile computers. The company also offers value-adding solutions for Wi-Fi optimization, cloud device management, global fiscalization software, and more.

Partner Tech’s American headquarters, located in Anaheim, CA and is providing daily assistance to customers in US, Canada and Latin America. Please reach out to or call 949-598-1888 for more information about Partner Tech’s POS, SCO and self-service solutions. Visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.