NimbleWork is a leading B2B SaaS provider of Generative AI-based Work Management, Project Management and Digital Transformation solutions. Our solutions not only help companies accelerate and successfully deliver their work / projects, but also help them realize the maximum value from their work products.

We strongly believe in the core philosophy of “Humanizing Work!” and it is embedded in how our products are experienced. Humanizing work enables individuals, teams and enterprises to connect and collaborate with a unified view of “purpose” which is critical to realize the best possible outcomes from their initiatives.

Our AI-powered Visual Work Management product, Nimble, helps enterprises accelerate their Digital Transformation and mission-critical initiatives. In many cases,these initiatives result in the creation of a digital asset like an e-commerce website or an internally or externally facing software solution. Our Generative AI based digital transformation platform, kAIron easily embeds in these digital assets and proactively helps user adoption by hand holding their product journey.and converting them into prolific users.


Transform your retail revenue with kAIron's ultimate Generative AI solution. We kickstart customer conversions with compelling conversations. Our telemetry delves deep, pinpointing conversion hurdles and revealing growth paths. Seamlessly integrate WhatsApp, Telegram, and more for top-tier marketing

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