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Are you tired of paying too much for barcode scanners from your traditional providers? Are you looking for quality and affordable scanning solutions from a company you can count on? Look no further!

Newland AIDC is the 4th largest AIDC manufacturer in the world and we are excited to be working with the RSPA member community to bring our world-class barcode scanning solutions directly to you at unbeatable prices!

Quality & Affordability: Newland AIDC is synonymous with superior scanning solutions at the best prices, ensuring a lower Total Cost of Ownership for our clients.

Diverse Product Line: From 1D and 2D barcode scanners (USB & RS232 compatible) to mobile computers, rugged tablets, kiosks, and more, our extensive product range caters to diverse business needs.

Domestic Stock: Strategically based in Miami, our warehouse ensures quick and dependable access to our products, reducing lead times for clients.

Less Competition, More Opportunity: Newland AIDC is an under-distributed force in the North American market, offering a unique golden opportunity for our partners to grow and thrive.

To set up a direct partnership or if you have any questions, please contact Hernan at or 408-838-3703. You can also explore our solutions at

We look forward to speaking you with soon!

HR2081BT - 2D Bluetooth Scanner

The HR2081BT scanner by Newland AIDC is a versatile 2D wireless handheld scanner designed for businesses that demand top-tier performance. With Bluetooth connectivity and exceptional scanning capabilities, it ensures accurate data capture in various applications, enhancing operational efficiency.


MT90 - Mobile Terminal

NQuire 1000 - Interactive Kiosk

FR4080 Desktop Scanner


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Hernan Campero, Jr.

GM North America

(408) 838-3703

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