Newland AIDC

Newland AIDC: Elevating Data Capture Solutions

At Newland AIDC, we are innovators in the world of data capture and identification. As the fourth-largest global manufacturer in this field, we bring unique advantages to our partners and clients.

Our Distinctive Advantages:

Quality & Affordability: Newland AIDC is synonymous with superior scanning solutions at unbeatable prices, ensuring a lower Total Cost of Ownership for our clients.

Diverse Product Line: From 1D and 2D barcode scanners to mobile computers, rugged tablets, kiosks, and more, our extensive product range caters to diverse business needs.

Domestic Stock: Strategically based in Miami, our warehouse ensures quick and dependable access to our products, reducing lead times for clients.

Less Competition, More Opportunity: Newland AIDC is an under-distributed force in the North American market, offering a golden opportunity for our partners to grow and thrive.

As your partner, we prioritize your success and profitability. Explore our solutions at and experience the Newland AIDC difference.

HR2081BT - 2D Bluetooth Scanner

The HR2081BT scanner by Newland AIDC is a versatile 2D wireless handheld scanner designed for businesses that demand top-tier performance. With Bluetooth connectivity and exceptional scanning capabilities, it ensures accurate data capture in various applications, enhancing operational efficiency.


MT90 - Mobile Terminal

NQuire 1000 - Interactive Kiosk


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Hernan Campero, Jr.

GM North America

(408) 838-3703

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