nCLOSE, Inc. manufactures custom and off-the-shelf solutions forTablet POS including Enclosures, Mounting solutions, HUBs, Electrical Components ( PD Cables/Charging blocks) and Docking stations. If your desired solution or configuration does not exist, we create it to offer integrated cases for any tablet and any manufacturer's payment device/peripherals for mobile and/or fixed use in any environment. nCLOSE, Inc. custom designs its own electronic components such as circuits, Hubs, PD Cables/charging blocks, and docking stations to offer independent charging from tablet to reader and vice versa, hardening solutions for best performance and functionality in the field. We offer consulting services, private label and custom designs w/ rapid prototyping and manufacturing capabilities for ISOs/ ISVs in the payments space for retail, restaurant/ hospitality and/or any Industry.

nCLOSE Enclosures - Your Solutions for Tablet POS

nCLOSE Enclosures for Mobile and Fixed Environments

Other Products/Services

nCLOSE Enclosures for HP

nCLOSE Enclosures for IDTech VP3300/VP3500


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Jimmy Durham


(310) 264-4096

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