Manufacturer NXT Power Announces Newest Product for the POS Industry

WAUKEGAN, IL – NXT Power, a leading provider of power conditioning solutions, today announced the launch of its Integrity Stealth (180VA) power conditioner.

The Integrity Stealth is a compact, powerful, and affordable power conditioner that protects small microprocessor-based electronic devices and systems from harmful power surges, spikes, and noise.

“The absence of power protection can disrupt retail operations and impede a smooth transition back to normal business performance. Prioritizing power quality is essential to safeguard retail systems and ensure seamless operations, resulting in no loss of revenue instances.” explains Tom Gornick, CEO of NXT Power. “The NXT Power Integrity Stealth Power conditioner is designed for the 21st century in both look and performance, providing a compact and ergonomic design while providing the best in power protection.”

The Integrity Stealth is ideal for point-of-sale systems, ATMs, security systems, AV equipment, and small instrumentation devices. It features a high-performance design that combines surge diversion, a low-impedance isolation transformer, and noise filtering to provide superior protection for sensitive electronic equipment.

The Integrity Stealth allows fewer than 10 volts to pass through the device in normal mode and less than 0.5 volts neutral-to-ground when tested to ANSI/IEEE C62.41, category A & B. It also has an extremely low output impedance and the integration of NXT GROUND, which provides a single-point ground reference to eliminate ground loops and reduce noise.

NXT Power strives to enhance the profitability and success of each customer through a combination of superior customer service, unique services, and effective power quality solutions.

The Integrity Stealth is backed by a 5-year warranty and is available now from NXT Power and its authorized distributors.

About NXT Power
NXT Power was conceived to offer a vastly superior product line that delivers clean and reliable quality power solutions to the domestic and international marketplace. NXT Power products are superior to current options available in the marketplace with attributes including surge diverter, low impedance transformer and power line filter to eliminate noise, spikes, and transients that protect against catastrophic damage before it can occur. For further information, please contact 877-698-7697 or visit