LUCAS launches integrated delivery; customers see big results during COVID-19

EASLEY, SC – For many restaurant companies, adapting and survival have been the focus as COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders gripped the restaurant space the last few months. Embracing a new normal and capturing new revenue streams has been top of mind for most business owners. One upstate company launched a product that would have direct and immediate impact; helping its customers thrive during a pandemic.

In early March, Lucas launched its integrated delivery product for one of its national restaurant clients. For most growing technology companies, new product releases, continuous innovation, and a custom approach to solving problems are as necessary as taking your next breath. “This solution is a one-to-many integration so orders being placed on 3rd party delivery apps seamlessly arrive to the point-of-sale, dramatically reducing the time involved managing delivery tablets from many different providers,” says Brad Lucas.

The company indicated that while their integrated delivery product was already scheduled for release, it made every effort to accelerate deployment. “We brought the team in and devoted all the necessary resources to meet an aggressive roll-out schedule. We knew we would be helping our customers expand and capture new revenue by leveraging popular delivery marketplace providers like Postmates and Door Dash. Delivery was necessary to their survival those first few weeks as dining rooms closed, and now it has proven to generate a significant amount of revenue they never want to live without again” said Lucas.

The integrated delivery solution has already helped the company expand its services to meet the evolving needs of its valued customers and open new opportunities for growth. “Hearing our customers boast 25% sales increases during a time like this and being able to help them realize the new revenue is very satisfying for our team. Restaurant companies utilizing the solution enjoy a seamless delivery order process so they can focus their efforts on cleanliness, sanitation, scaling growth and keeping up with demand,” said Lucas.

The company indicated that integrated delivery was part of a first phase release, that several planned enhancements are already taking shape on their road map all designed to bring more value to its user base.

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