Loop Insights

Loop Insights is a Vancouver-based Internet of Things (“IoT”) technology company that delivers transformative artificial intelligence (“AI”) automated marketing, contact tracing, and contactless solutions to the brick and mortar space. Its unique IoT device, Fobi, enables data connectivity across online and on-premise platforms to provide real-time, detailed insights and automated, personalized engagement. Its ability to integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructure, and customize campaigns according to each vertical, creates a highly scalable solution for its prospective global clients that span industries. Loop Insights operates in the telecom, casino gaming, sports and entertainment, hospitality, and retail industries, in Canada, the US, the UK, Latin America, Australia, Japan, and Indonesia.


Loop’s Fobi plugs in seamlessly with your existing IoT assets and best of breed partners to merge online and offline. This connectivity improves operational efficiencies and creates a hybrid customer experience that is informative, customized, and personal.

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Dev Seidel

Marketing Manager


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