Logic Controls

Logic Controls is a leading business automation company, delivering Point of Sale (POS) and Kitchen Display System (KDS) solutions, services, and training. Our continuous goal is to offer top-of-the-line solutions to the hospitality, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and government industries. With offices around the globe, Logic Controls provides the world with industry-leading business automation solutions.

Logic Controls has over three decades of technical engineering expertise and are subject matter experts in the United States with a global presence covering over 37 countries. We offer the highest quality manufacturing, warehouse, and technical support from within the United States. We service a wide range of customers from SMB to enterprise businesses, providing custom-tailored solutions to help automate your business and increase your bottom line.

KitchenGo KDS Software

KitchenGo KDS is a kitchen display system software with three options: Ticket, Premium and Allee. KitchenGo KDS effectively streamlines orders, reduces waste, and most importantly, provides an exceptional customer experience, all while remaining cost-effective.

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LS8900 Kitchen Controller


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