LINGA rOS is a secure and cost-effective cloud-based point of sale system designed to meet the needs of both restaurants and retail stores. Our user-friendly system offers a wide range of features and functions, from online ordering and inventory management to insight reporting and employee scheduling with SMS alerts. LINGA is innovative, flexible, and exceptionally customizable to fit the needs of every business.

Founded in 2004, LINGA developed its restaurant operating system, LINGA rOS®, the first all-in-one, cloud-based operating system introduced to the marketplace. Over the last 19 years years, LINGA has added new functionalities to its operating system to support the needs of today's business owners, including online ordering, QR code-based menus, enterprise inventory solutions, and multiple hardware options, among others.

Today, LINGA remains an industry-leading provider across the hospitality industry, offering restaurateurs, retailers, and others a way to leverage technology to streamline their operations, increase revenue, and improve customer experiences. The company currently serves clients in 48 countries and, as of today, is integrating into PNC's existing digital solutions ecosystem after its acquisition in September of 2022.


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