KwickPOS’ provides the most powerful one stop solution for all sizes of restaurants and retails. Our browser-based POS system to achieve marketing, management, and all-round development of smart operation. KwickPOS breaks the limitation of hardware, and provides efficient and streamlined management to increase your restaurants’ profits. Hybrid system Cloud feature enable running your business and monitoring sales from anywhere, any device. Powered by Linux system and cloud technology, our products and services deliver the quickest response with the personalized interface and unmatched product features while keeping the most affordable price. KwickPOS simply makes your point-of-sale system mean more.

Kiosk Self-Ordering

KwickPOS Self-Order Kiosks provide the guests for a better dining experience by reducing wait times. Our Kiosks enable guests to browse, order, and route the order directly to the kitchen. Your staff could focus on guest experience or manage other tasks.

Other Products and Services

KwickPOS All-in-one


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Michelle Ng

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