KORONA POS and mKonnekt Begin Partnership to Enhance Retail Operations

LAS VEGAS, NV – KORONA POS is thrilled to announce its strategic collaboration with mKonnekt through Skandata, mKonnekt’s cutting-edge platform that supports the Scan Data program tobacco companies offer. 

Retailers can now seamlessly integrate the Altria Tobacco Company’s DTP into their daily operations. Our new collaboration enables businesses to elevate earnings while ensuring discounts for customers.

The partnership also ensures that businesses using KORONA POS can effortlessly:

  • Track tobacco sales
  • Offer loyalty & multi-unit discounts 
  • Complete required reporting for reimbursement

Skandata’s platform supports businesses by automating the submission of sales reports to operating companies, eliminating the time-consuming and confusing nature of manual reporting. The entire process from getting monthly discounts into the KORONA POS to applying discounts for eligible transactions to submitting reports is completely automated.

“We understand the importance of providing competitive prices while simplifying complex reporting processes for busy store owners,” says Till Freier, CEO of KORONA POS. “This collaboration allows businesses to stay competitive by offering lower prices and receiving reimbursements for the discounts given, all with the click of a button.”

“Delivering value to retailers and consumers is key” as per Seshu Madabushi, CEO of mKonnekt. “mKonnekt is excited about this partnership with KORONA POS as it will establish us as an industry leader in the tobacco reporting market.”

mKonnekt’s Skandata, is a testament to the company’s commitment to supporting the Scan Data program that tobacco companies offer. This program empowers businesses to showcase products at reduced prices and receive reimbursements for the items they sell, ensuring a win-win situation for both retailers and customers.

The collaboration between Skandata and KORONA POS facilitates a combination of cutting-edge technology and seamless operations. Businesses adopting this partnership will stay competitive and enhance customer loyalty by offering the best prices and automating reimbursement.

For more information about KORONA POS and SKanData integration, please visit koronapos.com.

KORONA POS is a leading provider of point-of-sale solutions dedicated to empowering businesses with user-friendly, practical tools. KORONA POS is committed to innovation and customer satisfaction and helps retailers streamline operations and improve their bottom line.

About Skandata
mKonnekt’s Skandata platform offers automated tobacco discounting and reporting capabilities that are key values for multiple PoS solutions. Skandata also enables retailers to improve their top line growth by encouraging repeat customer visits and decrease costs while automating discounting and reporting capabilities